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Depression is one of the most commonly experienced mental health complaints of this past decade affecting both youth and adults alike. The symptoms can become overwhelming, self-perpetuating, and lead to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, loss of interest, motivation,apathy, dysfunction, severe distress, reduced coping and disabling fatigue and insomnia This workshop explores this health crisis, coping mechanisms and ways to decrease the impact, understanding of the causes and various treatments  of depression. A strengths-based approach is explored that considers the whole person and not simply the symptomology.  Participants will learn practical skills for daily routines, the role of movement, exercise, goal setting and  motivation and help establish realistic goals, for supporting those living with depression and for the sufferer alike. This explores the mind/ body/ spirit connection and the effectiveness of finding balance, through individually directed planning, scheduling and goal settings that will enhance wellbeing and aim to restore function for those affected.

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Every person experiences anxiety, however it is estimated that over a quarter of the population will experience anxiety at levels that have a negative impact on their activities of daily living. When high levels of distress are experienced, it is important for people to be able to access strategies for reducing anxiety and long term coping. This workshop presents practical strategies to help address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of anxiety, understand the brain mechanisms implicated in Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks, and how to adapt coping mechanisms and understanding to better help those suffering this affliction and how their loved ones can help.

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Core beliefs affect almost all our decisions, and our relationships with others on a subconscious level. These are the beliefs that are instilled in us through nurturing and our early life lessons, what we are taught to believe about ourselves and the world. Core beliefs can be valuable, for example being instilled with a strong work ethic, morals and values but they can also be negative strongly held beliefs such as shame, abandonment and a negative sense of self. Participants in this workshop can expect to unpack and unravel those negative core beliefs, that adversely affect our lives today in the present tense. By accepting negative core beliefs we can consciously choose to counter them, with knowledge, truth, and thinking that will both challenge them and counter them with wise thoughts and insight.


Whether talking with a colleague, spouse or family, about an uncomfortable issue, difficult conversations are typically stressful and often take a large mental and emotional toll. Many people avoid difficult conversations for these reasons, or find themselves ill prepared when they must have them. Yet, the ability to handle difficult conversations respectfully and professionally is one of the most important skills for successful relationships. This workshop will review the key elements of preparing for difficult conversations without confrontation. Participants will leave with tools to help ensure that difficult conversations are courteous, professional, and respectful, ensuring needs are met and productive rather than reactive. Change your words. Change your life.

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