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This is a safe place to get help, coaching, and information about mental health.

I am an up-and-coming author, a workshop speaker, a mental health advocate, and coach. I am here to help you on your journey to health and wellness.

Get in touch with me and let’s journey together!

Who is Christina Lepore, you may ask?

Upcoming Author!

Christina’s book is a memoir of her life.

This book is a story of conquering trauma.

Workshop Speaker and Facilitator!

Christina will be offering a variety of workshops.

Please look in our workshops section for more details!

Inspirational Blog Writer!

Christina’s blog shares some of her stories and inspirations of hope. It’s educational but also, very relatable.

More about Christina Lepore’s Book

Frozen in Time: A Memoir.

Frozen in Time is a narrative memoir. After 56 days in the mental hospital, Christina leaves her husband and father of her children, for a man she meets in therapy, leaving behind her home, her assets and even her belongings. But with only a vague recollection of doing so. 6 months later, she finds herself standing on a chair, over the 8th floor balcony, of a posh Cancun Resort, watching herself, helplessly, about to jump! Christina has lost time before. But never like this. How did this happen? Why did she leave? What is she running from? Most crucially, why can’t she remember? Now forced to face the consequences of her life altering decision, Christina must unpack the remnants of her traumas, the secrets of her past and face a highly unexpected diagnosis, that holds the answers.

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